Sunday, May 7, 2017

NATIONAL ROOFING SCAM: Cobb County Georgia, U.S. Communities, and Garland . BID RIGGING, and how it works.

Cobb County Commission is guilty of "Bid Rigging" with the help of U.S. Communities (Purchasing Cooperative), and Garland, Ind. (Roofing Material Manufacturer).  

It could NEVER happen to me:

These guys are lightweights compared to Garland, Cobb County, and U.S. Communities.

So Ron, why should I care about Cobb County, Georgia?  The reason you should care is because this "setup" only ORIGINATES in Georgia, and then used for every city, county, and state in the country as the "Standard".  Laughable.

NOTE:  Retired 2003, do not solicit nor accept compensation or personal advancement of any kind.

The SCAM extends into all territories, and provinces, of Canada as well.  So this little "scheme" in effect excludes all manufacturers (except Garland of course) steals hundreds of millions of dollars annually  from taxpayers.

Joe Tommie is the point man for Cobb County, and knows EXACTLY what he's doing, but you may not.  Cobb County Commission doesn't care who they hurt, as long as they keep getting their 5% "Commission" for lying on Garland's behalf.

That's impossible Ron, they'd be run out of town on a rail.  Well, it's not impossible, and actually more common than you'd think.  Don't take my word for it, and read articles of the contract:

“5.1 Administrative Fees. Supplier shall pay to U.S. Communities a monthly administrative fee based upon the total sales price of all purchases shipped and billed pursuant to the Master Agreement, excluding taxes, in the amount of two percent (2%) of aggregate purchases made during each calendar month (individually and collectively, “Administrative Fees”). 


"Supplier’s annual sales shall be measured on a calendar year basis. All Administrative Fees shall be payable in U.S. Dollars and shall be made by wire to U.S. Communities, or its designee or trustee as may be directed in writing by U.S. Communities. Administrative Fees shall be due and payable within thirty (30) days of the end of each calendar month for purchases shipped and billed during such calendar month"

U.S. Communities agrees to pay to Lead Public Agency five percent (5%) of all Administrative Fees received from Supplier to help offset Lead Public Agency’s costs incurred in connection with managing the Master Agreement nationally.”


There are also provisions in the vendor agreement that appear to be more applicable to an organization that is trying to maximize sales vs. a cooperative that is trying to save its users money, such as:

“(d) Sales Commitment. Supplier shall market the Master Agreement through Supplier’s sales force or dealer network that is properly trained, engaged and committed to offering the Master Agreement as Supplier’s primary offering to Public Agencies. Supplier’s sales force compensation and incentives shall be greater than or equal to the compensation and incentives earned under other contracts to Public Agencies.”


But Ron, why haven't they been caught, and taking up permanent residency under the jail?  They think no one is watching them, but I GUARANTEE that many people much smarter than me, and with far more resources, are on top of it.  

When the whip comes down, it will show no mercy.   

I ASSUME that most of you care about your tax dollars being wasted, and lining the pockets of lying politicians, and lying "Salesmen".   I'm showing you how they do it, and who they are.  Perhaps your own civic responsibility will speak to you, where I cannot?


If you are a manufacturer, consultant, contractor, or distributor, you have a RIGHT to compete for your own tax dollars.  In fact, you have an OBLIGATION to your client base if you are a manufacturer, or distributor.  


Taxpayers are paying twice as much for an average roof, and a grotesquely fraudulent warranty.  It's actually a "Maintenance Agreement", and you will pay TOP DOLLAR for repairs (real or imagined).  


When the DOJ catches up to Garland, I suspect their fate will eclipse even Tremco.  It was kind of funny how Garland refers to Tremco as "One Bad Apple".   That's like a Witch calling the Devil a "Bad Apple".  Hilarious.

If not for Purchasing Cooperatives lying for them, nobody would even know they exist.  So, evaluate your reputation, and career, before stealing some of that "easy' money.   I'm looking at you Architects, and Engineers, who "sign off" on the scam for exorbitant fees.  More on that later.....

Friends, you are really coming through for me.  I'm very thankful, and genuinely humbled by the amazing increase in viewers.   Approximately 7,000 visits per month, and I rarely use PICTURES!  In roofing world, that's quite a feat.

On the "Interesting Scale" reading this material has all the charm, and drama of watching a car rust, but for many of you, it's how you feed your families.   I know that.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP". 


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
Florida Certification
CCC 1325620  

NOTE:  Retired 2003, do not solicit nor accept compensation or personal advancement of any kind.


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