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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

"Predatory Sales Model in Roofing, and Purchasing Cooperatives".


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Taxpayer,  School Roofing Scam, Tremco, Garland, Purchsing Cooperative, school maintenance budgets, etc.  There are 170 posts all told.  They are accompanied by a link for source reference.

We have a right to compete for our own tax dollars.  Not have a single manufacturer "mandated" to us.  This forces us to go hungry, or play a dangerous game of defrauding taxpayers.  We know better.

Show me ANY Purchasing Cooperative that offers roofing, and I'll expose the fake competition. 

NOTE:  It will feature either Garland, or Tremco.

Two firms that nobody uses on private projects. 

We use competitive firms like GAF, Johns Manville, Carlisle, Firestone, Sika Sarnafil, etc.

Tell Tremco or Garland you are asking for several quotes, and watch them run away at top speed.   It doesn't fit the "Predatory Sales Model", and they'll move on.  They WILL NOT BID against other manufacturers.

"Bidding Manufacturers" is wrong.  Roofing Contractors bid to a "Standard", not a specific manufacturer.  That would be "Bid Rigging".

We are the ROOFERS, and you are Public Administrators.  I can't reasonably expect an administrator to be a specialist in construction trades any more than I am a Public Administrator.

"Competition" is absent in all Purchasing Cooperatives who "sell" roofing.  They get paid a "commission", and have no incentive to compete.

Intentionally, they use the highest priced material through a "Predatory Sales Model".  You will see Tremco, and Garland as the main perpetrators.

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Robert R. Solomon
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