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Friday, October 7, 2016

Purchasing Cooperative "Roofing Scam":


I don't know if this "Roofing Scam" is interesting, but it is very real.  The reason purchasing cooperatives ONLY include Roofing, and no other trades!!  Fascinating.  I guess we roofers can have the "leftovers" after the cooperative and government get done with the isolation, and bid rigging. 

Below, you will see actual contract documents, and verbiage.  Here, I do not consider emotion, but rather "measurable units".  It is a stark existence, but feel someone has to stand up, and guess I'm "It".

Simply put:  NEVER buy a roof through a purchasing cooperative.  You will be paying 50%-100% MORE, and receive an "average' roof at best.  Garland, and Tremco are the main culprits, and while everyone in roofing knows the scam, they are afraid.  I have no such inhibition, and and can eliminate the "retribution" aspect.  In other words, I get to play the "Bad Guy" 24 hours a day. 

There is not an administrator in this country that can justify such overspending.

The DOJ busted Tremco fosr $61,000,000.00, and now facing charges from the SEC.  The SEC is suing Tremco, ANDT their attorney (a big stockholder).  SEC is demanding a jury trial for both.  Two minutes of research will reveal the scam in infinite detail.  Also, look for Janet Campbell "School Roofing Scam".  Brilliant stuff.  Respect.

It is WRONG to steal from schools, and I don't like people who do it.  A personal problem I'm afraid.

For those of you keeping score, dig this:


Here are some links on US Communities

US Communities News and Events- note sponsorship of events and production of webinars:

US Communities complimentary “Strategic Sourcing Summits”

Cobb County Purchasing Department is listed as “Lead Agency” for roofing on US Communities website and appears to solicit the nationwide roofing contract

US Communities website states “No User Fees – no costs or fees to participate”, but reading the Cobb County/US Communities agreement please note on page 56 of the pdf item 5.1 under Administration Agreement in this contract and share 5% of their fee with Cobb County Purchasing:

“5.1 Administrative Fees. Supplier shall pay to U.S. Communities a monthly administrative fee based upon the total sales price of all purchases shipped and billed pursuant to the Master Agreement, excluding taxes, in the amount of two percent (2%) of aggregate purchases made during each calendar month (individually and collectively, “Administrative Fees”). Supplier’s annual sales shall be measured on a calendar year basis. All Administrative Fees shall be payable in U.S. Dollars and shall be made by wire to U.S. Communities, or its designee or trustee as may be directed in writing by U.S. Communities. Administrative Fees shall be due and payable within thirty (30) days of the end of each calendar month for purchases shipped and billed during such calendar month. U.S. Communities agrees to pay to Lead Public Agency five percent (5%) of all Administrative Fees received from Supplier to help offset Lead Public Agency’s costs incurred in connection with managing the Master Agreement nationally.”

There are also provisions in the vendor agreement that appear to be more applicable to an organization that is trying to maximize sales vs. a cooperative that is trying to save its users money, such as:

“(d) Sales Commitment. Supplier shall market the Master Agreement through Supplier’s sales force or dealer network that is properly trained, engaged and committed to offering the Master Agreement as Supplier’s primary offering to Public Agencies. Supplier’s sales force compensation and incentives shall be greater than or equal to the compensation and incentives earned under other contracts to Public Agencies.”

Cobb County is listed on US Communities Advisory Board:

Another whistleblower case involving procurement through cooperative:

Interesting article about an association that has come out against sole-source contracting due to the above case:

Joe Tommie is Cobb County's Purchasing Director, and he's out filming commercials for Garland on the taxpayer's dime.  Smells rotten, because it is.

I depend upon the GREED of others, and watch them move like plodding dinosaurs.  All I have to do is remember how important money is to them, and can figure it out from there.  Super predictable.  

I will be spending more time with you here, and offer a "Table of Contents' to make searches easier.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP" 

I am very thankful for the time you spend with me here, and we are making progress.  


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Director, Roof Consultant's Alliance (5,000 members)
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