Questions Surround $4.8 Million Proposed Roof For Middle SchoolGLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ — At its February meeting, the Gloucester Township Board of Education tabled a proposal to install a $4,769,099.20 roof on the Ann Mullen Middle School. The contract would've gone to Waterproof Technologies, Inc., (Tremco) and money would come out of the school district's capital reserve, meaning there would be no tax increase related to the project.
But when asked by resident and Gloucester Township Republican Chair Ray Polidoro about the roof's warranty during the meeting, Superintendent of Schools John Bilodeau didn't have an answer, Polidoro said this week. A copy of the warranty later obtained by Patch indicates there is a 40-year warranty on the roof, as of 1995.
In addition to questions about the warranty, Polidoro and members of the public were concerned about the price tag. A local rooferestimated the project should check in at $2.1 million, Polidoro said. Finally, there are concerns about the solar panels that were put on the roof back in 2013, and whether or not a structural assessment was done prior to the installation of the panels.
The new roof is needed because there are leaks in the current roof, and members of the public have questioned whether there is a relation between the installation of the solar panels and the ensuing leaks. Polidoro said he understands the school needs a new roof, but feels the district isn't being smart about the way it is spending the taxpayers' money in this situation.
Bilodeau didn't return a message seeking comment on the issue this week. The district hasn't indicated what the next step would be after tabling the proposal. Its next regular action meeting is set for March 19 at the Ann Mullen Middle School, but it has a workshop meeting scheduled for Monday night, March 12, 7 p.m. at the board office, located at 17 Erial Road in the Blackwood section of the township.
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