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Friday, October 14, 2011

"Satellite Roof Estimating Services"

At first, I was skeptical that accurate measurements could be taken by satellite imaging, but Boy was I wrong!

First I was amazed how effective it is, and then was shocked to see how little it costs.

I've easily done over a thousand takeoffs driving to the project, throwing a ladder, and physically measuring the structure.  I was actually at one apartment complex that took three days to measure.

It takes a lot of money for a contractor to send an estimator, do the takeoff, draw a roof plan (most of them rather crude), pay for a vehicle, fuel, insurance, etc.  That was then, and this is now.

Of course I have no interest in any satellite estimating services, but will show you an example, and a couple of links of people who offer these services.  Check this out: (click for larger view)

Aerial examples graciously provided by Prattco, Inc, Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors (listed under "Trusted Professionals" 813-973-4771).  Also, the service was provided by Aerialogics : http://aerialogics.com/

I think I remember this all costing the grand sum of $70.00.

So, needfless to say, I am a huge fan of aerial/satellite imaging, especially when done to this degree.  If you enlarge the photos, you can even see they've provided multiple "waste" factors, and all measurements of Hip & Ridge, Valley, etc., are clearly drawn, and also enumerated.

In an effort to insure accuracy, provide a much cleaner presentation, and to save a great deal of money on estimating, I think this is the ONLY WAY TO GO.

Now, if it's a commercial structure, you may want to visit, and take a core sample, but the rest can easily be done with this method of imaging.

I hope this helps those of you who have many estimates to do, may have a project 200 miles away, while this keeps your estimator actually "estimating", and not sitting in a vehicle riding for 8 hours.

It is my prayer you are well, encourage you to reject negativity in all forms, and to always keep looking "UP"


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Manager, Roof Consultant's Alliance

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"School Roofing Scam Videos on YouTube"

Dear Friends:

After consulting with several legal specialists, I've decided to not post the actual videos, but am assured it's perfectly legal to provide a link to those videos.

So, today is a real treat if you want to see a number of readily available reports on YouTube.  It's actually very easy if you go to YouTube, and simply type in "School Roofing Scams".  You will also notice it's the same ones each time.

You know I do not offer "Opinions", and provide information for you to review and decide what's real, and what's not. 

So, if you want to see where your taxpayer dollars go, take a few minutes, and I think you will be outraged.  I didn't think you'd want to spend hours on this, so I've only posted a few.

Happy Viewing:



I'm trying to do something about it through proper channels, and bringing this to your attention, may help advance a solution.

And yes, I am eerily similar to Frankenstein in appearance with the square, and slightly oversized head.  But, that's the hand I'm dealt.  Next week, I'll post the television news interview I'm doing in a major market (by request).  Hopefully, it will be both fun, and informative.  At last, Frankenstein speaks!

As always, I am very thankful, and appreciative, you take time to visit with me here. 

Hoping everyone is having a happy, and productive day.  Reject negativity in all forms, anmd always remember to keep looking "UP".

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