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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Reality Of Roofing" Videos

I apologize for my lack of postings this month, but I've been very busy with research, and civic engagements. Today, I'll make this roofing stuff look like "Channel 3 Playhouse", by illustrating the types of roofing I've been discussing with you, so you can further grasp the products and installations to exemplify my "Multidimensional" theme of certain systems, vs. the "singular" theme of other materials.

At the onset, let's understand one thing:  ALL roof systems repel water by their respective design processes.  But I ask the question "What else does it do?"

This first video illustrates the "Torch", or "Open Flame" installation of modified bitumen (petroleum).  After you've reviewed all the videos, perhaps I will have illustrated topics you should be asking of your respective Public sectors (schools, universities, hospitals, etc.).  Okay, let's get up on the roof, and try to think about doing all this on a 95+ degree day, so we can "humanize" roofers, and their work environment.

The propane torch is heating up the bitumen contained in the roll itself.  The bitumen is designed to "flow", and secure it to the insulation system.  I will point out that any torch applied modified bitumen rolls MUST INCLUDE A NON-FLAMMABLE SECOND LAYER OF INSULATION.  That increases labor, and cost, because you cannot torch directly to closed cell insulation (polyisocyanurate), as it will melt, or catch on fire.

This man is torching a 100 sq. ft. roll of modified, weighing approximately 100 lbs. per 100 sq. ft., and is very laborious as you would imagine.  The "white granules" achieve very little in terms of solar reflection with an SRI of approximately .27 (same as asphalt shingles), and will not qualify for any "LEED" project, or energy incentive.  The sun's radiant energy essentially "sees" these roof systems as "black", and they reach very high surface temperatures (180 degrees F. is not uncommon), and hold that heat well into the evening.  Modified bitumen roof systems DO keep a building dry, but are dangerous, costly, environmentally unfriendly, due to copious amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous they deposit into storm water.  Very inefficient in terms of energy costs.

Now, I would like you to pretend you're here in modern times with me, and not stuck in the "horse and buggy" days, like those in the videos. 

While the gentlemen in the previous videos may seem very passionate (read: comfort zone), I think you may find a bit more value and clarity, in what Physicist, Nobel Laureate, and Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu has to say about it.

Click this link for the greatest roofing statements ever:  http://blog.energy.gov/blog/2010/12/14/cool-roofs-easy-upgrade

I see where I have visitors from very hot climates, similar to the climate here in Florida.  But then again, most of the earth's populations do live in hotter climates.  If you live in the Arctic Circle, you probably don't have much need for anything except fire, and a helicopter. 

Everything I write, or provide here, is for YOU.  That is how I maintain my enthusiasm, and will continue to provide the "Reality of Roofing" to those who desperately need it.  For all the damage asphalt roofing does, it should be front page news, but since roofing is the most boring topic on earth, just isn't approached on the level I share with you here.

I would like to thank you for visiting with me today, reject negativity, and keep looking "UP".

Much Respect,

Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
CCC1325620  Florida


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