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Friday, April 22, 2011

What Greeks Have Known For Centuries"


Sometime as I look over the many countries that visit this blogsite, I think of you, those particular nations, and today I became fascinated with my visitors from Greece, and what the Greeks have contributed to society as a whole. 

The Greek heritage and civilization is, of course legendary, and as a result, are recognized as great benefactors to humanity.  From the sciences, to the arts, their mark has been indelibly etched upon this earth and rank among the truly magnificent people, and cultures, the earth has ever known.

A city named "Tarpon Springs" about 35 miles from Tampa, Florida is home to the sponge docks, a well known tourist area, and home to a large Greek community, and many fine Greek restaurants I've visited many times.

Why am I talking about Greece on a roofing information blogsite?  Because the Greeks have known about the value of reflecting radiant energy away from their homes for many centuries, as evidenced in the photos above.  I also wanted to illustrate how my "Low Hanging Fruit" approach to roofing follows this theme, except in today's modern society, we have the very same principles available in highly reflective synthetic roof membranes.

I don't want to ruin this rather personal message to my friends in Greece by rambling on about it, but to illustrate how many times, and how many years, we've seen this principle of physics applied.  I'd like you to take a moment, and ask yourself why our "modern society" doesn't implement more of this , instead of roofing buildings in petroleum?  I think if it was a good idea, the Greeks would have thought of it first.

I am quite thankful you take time from your day, and visit with me here.  In an effort to bring information to you, I am constantly evolving, and am humbled you care what I have to say.

Have a very happy, and productive day, reject negativity in all forms, and keep looking "UP".


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Reality of "OSHA"

Okay, today I will tackle some rather touchy issues as it pertains to OSHA.  I could be infinitely technical here, but will spare you the minutia and boredom.  I will approach the topic as an observation.  Some will be in support, and some will not, but I will share actual experience, and not hypothetical.

OSHA is a very complex, and infinite set of rules.  They are in fact, designed for worker safety, and the safety of all trades.  Many projects require a "site specific" safety program based upon an approved safety model.  these "site specific" programs require thought, and time, to properly address, and solve, potential safety hazards.

In many cases, once you've written the program, you will be asked to translate it into Spanish, and this is the best free software I've found for doing that:


Boy did that save us some time.

In "Contractor World", the last conscious thoughts you should have each night should be the safety of those in your charge, and providing the safest work environment possible.  Your goal is to see the workmen return each day safely to their families.  I firmly believe the vast majority of contractors do exactly that.

I admire the many people who do this, and it takes a lot of work, and money, to make that happen.  10 or 30 hour OSHA courses are recommended for each employee, and that person should have his or her OSHA card on them at all times.

Okay, now you've got your safety program, site specific plan, Spanish translation, and OSHA training for each employee.  Outstanding.  But now comes the rub.  It is impossible for you to comply with the very fine print of OSHA.  It is so voluminous, you cannot reasonably be required to memorize every page.

I can tell you that I could go on a jobsite, and cite every single person on that job.  Startling isn't it?  And that's just what OSHA does when they feel like it.  I've watched firms that spend countless hours, and vast sums of money training, testing, and supervising employees, only to be slapped with a huge fine by OSHA because they felt like it.  I cannot change that, but I can make you aware of it.

OSHA's funding has been cut, and I can guarantee you they are out to make up that revenue.  Why do you care?  Because the cost will be transferred to you.  Or, if you work for a firm that has been cited by OSHA, you, and many others may be out of a job.  OSHA puts far more people in the unemployment line than they help.

OSHA, as any other government agency is a complex maze of pure confusion.  I am trying desperately to make you aware that you not only have to deal with OSHA, but you will have to deal with the temperament of the OSHA inspector.  You are at the mercy of how they feel that particular day, and I don't think anyone in construction will dispute what I just said.

Example:  I had a 100,000 sq. ft. project with non-friable asbestos encapsulated in the base flashing, and nowhere else on the roof.  My men were made to wear HEPA masks, and full Tyvek suits in 96 degree Florida sun.  Certainly, I was more concerned with them having heat stroke than breathing asbestos, because they were not in danger to begin with.  This is yet another example of trying to out think yourself, or justifying your position at the expense of others.

Regulation, upon regulation, upon regulation is starving us of oxygen to breathe and do our work properly, and safely.

I can only suggest you keep your safety records up to date, have ongoing training (I know how boring it is), and simply do your best.  Please see the poll question based upon an OSHA regulation it took me  hours to find.

It is very exciting to me to see my many friends across the globe checking in.  You are very welcomed, as the bulk of my work is for impoverished nations, and my true joy comes from helping them.  I do not take for granted, the many blessings my God, so loving, sends to me.  I do not measure myself by the accumulation of material things, but by achievement, on behalf of others.

Today, I will also introduce you to an absolute doll Rachel Beckner, of  Go Green Roofing.  I'm playing a little bit, because she's as cute as a button, and tease her husband night and day gogreenroofing@aol.com 

I know both she, and her husband Bob very personally, and would like to give both of them my very highest seal of approval.  Particularly if you have structures that require extensive engineering and thought beyond that of , let's say "standard" roofers.  they are full service people, and very client oriented.  Lovely people whom I place the utmost trust.  They are domiciled in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, but have a rather extensive service area.  I am proud to say they are people of faith, and in this business, we need all the help we can get.  It also illustrates a principle that cannot be broken.

Thank you for visiting with me today, reject negativity in all forms, and keep looking "UP".

Robert R. "Ron" Solomon

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Sustainable Florida Program"

Please forgive me for taking so long between posts, but I've been overwhelmed with a number of projects lately in the U.S. and Europe.  The European venture is very exciting, and I will share the topic and outcome after a meeting in Brussels next Tuesday.

I'd like to make a very brief personal announcement if you don't mind, and that is to inform you that the state capitol communicated with me yesterday and has asked me to again be a Judge for their "Sustainable Florida" program, which I feel to be the most prestigious sustainability awards program in Florida.  I am both humbled, and honored, that they place a measure of value on my skill set, and it somehow validates a few things I speak to you about on this page.

I get to see up close, and in great detail, what our state is doing in terms of sustainability, and find it fascinating.  The applicants vary from a lady that suggests drying your clothes on a clothesline (she was smiling in every picture), to Wal-Mart.  Each nominee is judged without prejudice, I promise you.

This is my 4th. appointment as a Judge, and to say I'm thrilled, would be an understatement.  The responsibility is to review applications from major corporations, ambitious individuals, public service sectors, individual commissions and counties.  Each application is rather lengthy, numerous attachments to consider, and then I take into account cost, benefit, etc., and attach a numerical score that is transmitted to the Capitol, where the winners are determined.

It makes me very happy to serve my state in this way, and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from these projects, so I can relay that information to you first hand.

This program is very efficiently run, and if you can spare a nickel, please support them.  The administrator Mr. Tim Center, Esq. is a very hard working guy that encouraged me years ago, and gave purpose to my research.

Over the weekend, I will be posting about "Roof Rebates" available in Florida.  Particularly the new program recently approved by TECO (Tampa Electric Company), as it is exciting.  Most roofers do not care about energy issues, and subsequently don't know about energy rebates.  The roofers who take education seriously, have a great advantage in knowing about energy rebates, and additional "Value" for them to present to their clients.

Soon, I will figure out how to post access to papers I've written for you to download.  Forgive me, but I think it's obvious I am still studying the basics of presenting my comments by way of this blog, and trying to improve the experience for both of us..

Again, I am thankful for the time you spend with me here, and always remember to keep looking "UP".

Very respectfully,

Robert R. "Ron" Solomon

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