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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Baltimore Public Schools Competitive Bid Report


Financial Management Practices Audit Report
Baltimore County Public Schools
July 2015


For further information concerning this report contact:
Department of Legislative Services
Office of Legislative Audits
301 West Preston Street, Room 1202
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: 410-946-5900 · 301-970-5900
Toll Free in Maryland: 1-877-486-9964
Maryland Relay: 711
TTY: 410-946-5401 · 301-970-5401

The following excerpts are from that report, but you can access the full report with the link I've provided above.

Thomas J. Barnickel ill, CPA
Legislative Auditor

"Ladies and Gentlemen:

We conducted an audit of the financial management practices of the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) in accordance with the requirements of the State Government Article, Section 2-1220(e) of the Annotated Code of Maryland. 

The objectives of this audit were to evaluate whether BCPS
procedures and controls were effective in accounting for and safeguarding its assets and whether its policies provided for the efficient use of financial resources. 

Our audit disclosed that BCPS needs to improve certain procurement practices to ensure it obtains goods at services in a cost-effective manner.

For example, BCPS appeared to be paying more than necessary for roof replacements obtained through a purchasing consortium. BCPS paid approximately $31.4 million for roofing services during the period from July 1, 2010 through December 10, 2013. In addition, BCPS procurement policy did not require that a competitive procurement process be used for certain service contracts.


"An executive summary of our findings can be found on page 5 of this report.

The BCPS response to this audit is included as an appendix to this report. We wish to acknowledge the cooperation extended to us during our audit by BCPS.

Respectfully submitted,

Legislative Auditor"


School Districts should be the FIRST to demand "a competitive procurement process".

In the next few days, and weeks, I will run through a series of reports, similar to Baltimore.  

It is insane to give ANY MANUFACTURER Carte Blanche, and that's EXACTLY what Purchasing Cooperatives do.  The urge to steal is too great.

If your school district buys roofing through a Purchasing Cooperative, you are paying around 50% too much.  Since Garland, and Tremco perpetuate this scheme (all over the internet), would suggest you not fall into their trap.

They can leave.  You must stay behind and be the focus of great public scrutiny, and ridicule.   Or worse.

It must be a horrible way to live (without conscience).

Each day we teach our children not to lie, cheat, or steal.  We then go out and do those very things.  Think about what I've said the next time you look in a mirror.

This is what makes "Honorable" manufacturers like GAF, Carlisle, Firestone, Johns Manville, Barrett, etc. so attractive.

NO PRIVATE OWNERS buy from a Purchasing Cooperative, and NO PRIVATE OWNERS use Garland or Tremco.  So why are they the "Darlings" of Purchasing Cooperatives? 

Purchasing Cooperatives get paid a "Commission" and haven't the slightest inclination to compete.  Instead, they do it through cronyism, manipulation, corrupt politicians, and the like.



NOTE: Retired 2003, do not solicit nor accept compensation or personal advancement of any kind.

I am humbled by the 120,000+ viewers of this page.  Thank You.  I will help anyone who asks for help, because YOUR schools are important to me.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
CCC 1325620  Florida


Mr. Brian Gardiner on Publicly Funded Construction Projects, a must read.

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