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Friday, July 31, 2020

RoofConnect, and Mr. David Workman. An "Honorable" Roofing Service Provider

As many of you know, I write about roofing scams in public works.

Everything I say is backed by public record, with supporting    links.

The people I protect are Taxpayers, Public Schools, and all projects that involve public money.

I expose "Predatory Sales Models", and outright lying to public administrators.  Most of these lies are perpetrated by Purchasing Cooperatives manipulating numbers for a "Preferred Vendor".  Against the law in all 50 states.

I have a great example of "Bid Rigging" that I will share soon.

Several people with "clout" in the roofing discipline have assaulted me, and are trying to silence me.  I know who they are, and will reveal them in a rather unflattering way.

Enough, let's get to the happy stuff:  

RoofConnect CEO Mr. David Workman and I had several meaningful, and productive conversations.  I believe he is an "Honorable", and decent person.  A TRUE Roofing Professional.


Mr. Workman writes:

Please excuse the quality of this image, but will try to offer a much cleaner view when the original document arrives.

Perhaps other roofing service providers can get the message, and choose "Honor" over scheming to defraud taxpayers and decimateing school roofing maintenance budgets.

RoofConnect is the ONLY national provider of roofing, and roofing services, that I endorse.  FINALLY, I've found a man, and and firm with integrity.

To reward his honesty, will suggest you contact RoofConnect if you have either one, or many properties in your portfolio.

Praying that others will follow his lead, and do what's right for public works ehtities, and taxpayers across this country.

Today, I can rejoice, but must immediately get back to work, chasing Purchasing Cooperatives, Garland, and Tremco who lie, cheat, and steal through "Bid Summaries" and predetermined outcomes.  

Soon, you will see if Mr. Steve Little, CEO of National Roofing Partners, gets the message, and turns away from his "Preferred Vendor":  Tremco.

I've invested many months researching them, and will present all public record pertaining to them, and you can decide.  I've tried to negotiate fairness with Mr. Little, a number of times, but to no avail.

Thank you again Mr. Workman for being a man of your word, and for not "going along" with people who force us to either participate in taxpayer abuse, or go hungry.. 

NOTE: Retired 2003, do not solicit nor accfept compensastion or personal advancement of any kind.

Reject negartivity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP". 

Much Respect.

Robert R. Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
State Certified CCC1325620
Licensed Roofing Consultant

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