A year ago there was numerous discussions about the Linntown Elementary roofing project and how Tremco of Ohio through the CSIU was awarded the contract to install a corrugated steel roof over approximately 14,000 square feet of pitched roof for a cost of $745,000 at the Linntown Elementary that is currently covered by shingles.
This was all done without bids from any other bidders, no transparency from the school board, Superintendent Steve Skalka and John Fairchild, business manager.
At that time, I complained and urged the school board to rescind the contract of $745,000. Thankfully they did. Then last fall Tremco reduced its bid to $440,000 for the same project. A month later they increased their costs to $488,000 for the same contract. The roof is still scheduled to be done when school is out, but for what price?
These problems are caused when our school officials refuse to use the fair bidding practice in Pennsylvania which automatically control this type of situation. Fair bidding saves tax dollars and provides the best work. The Linntown School roof work can easily be done for $160,000, saving the taxpayers and the school district half a million dollars.
The school board is an elected body. The school board has the power. They have chosen not to use local contractors or businesses, architects or attorneys. They hired Tremco of Ohio to be the architect then subbed out the work to an out of area contractor. This takes the opportunity away from local laborers who could keep the $66.37 an hour in Pennsylvania Prevailing Wage for this project in the district instead of sending it out of the area.
I urge the Lewisburg Area School Board not to vote for a tax increase because it would not have been needed if they would be responsible and save the half million dollars that the school board has misappropriated this far.
I have been in the roofing business for 44 years and a taxpayer in the Lewisburg Area School District for longer than that. I cannot believe that the taxpayers in the district approve of this tremendous waste. Contact your school board, tell them to stop mishandling your money.
Max Bossert,
West Milton
Respect to Mr. Bossert.
I am confident that if I show enough of these complaints, against the same people, you will catch on.  Here, we expose the scam, and offer copious data to support claims.  When you see government waste, CALL or WRITE your School Superintendent, School Board Members, etc., and let them know.  Feel free to use anything on this site with a simple credit.  I write it to help you.
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Robert R. Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
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CCC 1325620
Tampa, Florida