Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gordian, and their "exclusion of competition" scam.


The following statements are both illiterate, and false.  They are designed ti isolate competition to ONE roofing vendor.  Factually, that one vendor doesn't make half the material they sell.  They outsource it, and then stick a label on it.

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American City & County

Elevate Your Construction Procurement Through Cooperatives

March 15, 2018 | 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT


Wes Everett
Director of
City of Lubbock

Steve Fisher
Director of

John Castillo
Account Manager

Bill Wolpin
Associate Publisher
& Editorial Director
American City & County

Wes Everett:  A public official, and has no right to support "exclusion of competition".   is making errant decisions, and costing Lubbock, Texas a great disservice.  He is more interested in his "ease" than taxpayer dollars.

Steve Fisher:  I don't know which "Buy Board" he represents, but Attorneys f9or the Texas Buy Board asked me to review all 508 pages of their specifications, and certify them as fair.

I read every page, which was more legal language than actual roofing.  That's because Armko wrote the specifications for them which is illegal, and I told them so.  Yet, here is Steve Fisher's smiling face perpetuating the scam.
John Castillo works for the sponsor of this event, and represents Gordian.  
 Bill Wolpin is with American City and County.  A preposterous assault on fair competition.  They are in bed with Garland, and in my mind, should clean up their act.  IOm insulted by the cavalier attitude, and fake publication.  They do not respond to questions.

Construction procurement has gained a reputation for being unnecessarily expensive, inflexible and inefficient. Lack of transparency and long bidding processes have frustrated public procurement officials for decades.
It is far more costly when no competition ever occurred, and again, taxpayers must pay for their "ease'.  That "ease" translates into an approximately  40% Overcharge.  This is why your schools are broke, and your children are asked to bring their own supplies.

They do not care about their disgraceful behavior, how much it costs, or who it hurts.  

However, there is an alternative.   

Cooperative purchasing is known for its efficiency and group purchasing power. Procurement officials typically use co-op agreements for acquiring supplies, equipment and other services. But using cooperative purchasing for procuring construction services, specifically Job Order Contracting (JOC), can streamline an otherwise burdensome process. In using JOC, government officials can save valuable time with access to competitively-awarded, local contractors available to start work immediately.
Preposterous, and 100% false.  Any member of Roof Consultant's Institute can write the correct specification, and provide necessary "third party oversight".  The absurdity of it all is confounding, but that's because it defies logic.

This presentation will cover the growth, trends and best practices of purchasing construction through cooperatives. Officials from the City of Lubbock and the BuyBoard® cooperative will share their lessons learned and examples of successful projects procured via co-ops. Public officials require a faster, better and more simplified solution for completing construction projects – cooperative purchasing is it. 

I don't think you need me to translate that nonsense.  This is the part that screams exclusion.  Friends, they have ONE MANUFACTURER ONLY.
"Public officials require a faster, better and more simplified solution for completing construction projects – cooperative purchasing is it."

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Shame on Gordian, and their henchmen for expanding the lie, and it's insulting to anyone beyond the 6th. grade.  

I wish so badly that I could be in the audience, so I could tell public administrators that taxpayers do not pay for their "ease" at a HUGE premium.  Outrageous! 

I live in the 8th. largest school district in the country, and roofed well over 100 schools.  We have a roofing "Standard", including multiple nationally known manufacturers. 

A few of them are:

GAF:  Largest material manufacturer in the United States.

Johns Manville:  A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Firestone:  Backed by billions in Bridgestone assets.

I'd love to hear someone tell me why they should be excluded from fair competition?  They all have superior representation, and are not "Commissioned Salesmen" like Garland, Tremco, and others.

On this site, I've produced countless examples of fraud, and backed it up through public record. 

NOTE: Retired 2003, do not solicit, nor accept, compensation or personal advancement of any kind.  

Clearly, I have no horse in this race, and free to tell the truth as I know it.  I do not traffic in opinions.  I don't value my own "opinion" , much less the opinion of anyone else.  That may sound a bit harsh, but unlike the Purchasing Cooperatives, provide FACTS, and public record so you can make an intelligent choice regarding a new roof.

Roofing is the costliest item of any school maintenance budget.  The budgets are being decimated by the lies, and exclusion of competition for taxpayer money.  If you buy a roof through a Cooperative, here's where your dollar will end up:

1.)  25 percent "commission" for the "Salesman".

2.)  A minimum of 2% for the Cooperative.

Your dollar is now worth 73 cents with absolutely nothing to show for it.  These people remind me of hyenas, and will stop at nothing. 

The roof you buy through them is often a minimum standard, of only 10 years.  40+ years in the discipline, and not once have I installed less than a 20 year roof system on any public structure.

Administrators are severely disadvantaged because they are Administrators, and have no concept of modern roofing technique, warranties, They are absent credential, or experience, and it's insulting to honorable manufacturers, consultants, contractors, and distributors who are shut out.

To see those facts, and public record, please use the search box.  Please type search words  "School Roofing Scam", "Fraud', Garland, Tremco, U.S. Communities, TCPN, etc.

My colleagues cannot open their mouths, without being ostracized, and that is very unhealthy for our economy. Local, and otherwise.

I've offered $10,000.00 of my own money on a debate with their "Preferred Vendor".  They are gutless, and afraid I will systematically disassemble them in a public setting.  Money goes to a school of my choice.

The comments they make about "Competitive" are bold face lies. They cannot show you any competitive bids by manufacturers, and that's where it should start.


Government "ease' is placed ahead of the taxpayers.  I see this every day, and from every part of the country.  That includes Alaska, and Hawaii.

I am happy to help anyone who is a victim of this obscene "organized crime" scam..  I answer all mail, and do not turn down requests for help.

NOTE: Retired 2003, do not solicit, nor accept, compensation or personal advancement of any kind.  

After all this time, I grow weary, and can use any help from my Brothers and Sisters of the discipline.

Please know I am very grateful for your time, and know that reading this material is like watching a car rust.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".


Robert R. Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
State Certification CCC 1325620
Tampa, Florida

Friday, March 9, 2018

Purchasing Cooperative School Roofing Scam.


Today we will be learning English, and  how to translate the words of "Salesmen/women".  It's all so grandiose and shiny, but is a simple disguise of the truth.  COST and "Measurable Units" matter, you can't get around it.

Right away, I will tell you our public facilities who buy through cooperatives are foolish, and don't do their homework.  It is not about  "Ease" being the determining factor.  "Ease" should not cost a school district in Minnesota, Connecticut, New Jersey, California or all points in between 40% MORE money.

Roofing is the costliest item of any school maintenance budget, and lying cooperatives must come to heel.  I will debate U.S. Communities, Garland, or Tremco, anytime, anywhere.

All the school district has to do, is conduct competitive bidding with multiple manufacturers listed in the specifications.  This essentially increases your bid pool by 400% .   Competition that provides both serviceability and value.

I will refer you to the Ducker-Carlisle Report.

All the Jazz about "We handle it all" is ignorant, expensive, stupid, and horribly unfair to Contractors, Manufacturers,Consultants, and Distributors,  who are not allowed to bid on projects that are publicly funded.  Can't compete for their own tax dollars?

An administrator may not show even the slightest hint of favoritism, nor should they be able to choose a "Single Source" product.

Speaking of product, Tremco, as well as Garland, don't make half the material they sell.  They outsource it to Cooley.  Cooley is for another time.  No educated person would choose them, other than a retiree in a trailer park.  We have lots of them here in Florida,  the way they "get over" on the elderly is sickening.  I've seen this first hand .

Okay, now to our "English Lesson".  It will save your district millions of dollars if you listen to me.  It is simple, common sense, and out of the hands of politicians.  When you buy Tremco or Garland, you are essentially exporting 70% of your local tax dollars to other municipalities.  Money that could be used for future roofing, or repairs..........GONE.

You know I back up every word I say with public record. You can't beat an "opinion" out of me with a stick.

Here comes the pain:  My comments are obviously in Blue.

Garland/DBS, Inc.
Roofing Supplies and Support Services

Leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance solutions for the commercial building envelope. "High performance compared to what?"
·         Website: Garland/DBS, Inc.
·         Email:
·         Contract: View Documents ->
·         Phone: 800-321-9336
·         Fax: 216-883-2055
Garland/DBS, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance solutions for the commercial building envelope. Founded in 1895, the Garland organization is 100 percent employee owned, ensuring that every Garland employee is vested in the long-term performance outcomes of your roofing projects.  Their employees  are essentially commissioned salesmen,  They can be fired on the spot at any time.  That's your "Employee owned" translation. So much for We offer public agencies and non-profits a comprehensive selection of roofing material solutions and support services, including:

"Public Agencies and non-profits"?  That's their main target, because nobody in the private sector is stupid enough to use them.  They know government is soft, and it maximizes their predatory sales model.

You are paying for the graft.

·         Sustainable systems, such as vegetative roofs, rooftop photovoltaic systems, and energy-reducing reflective coatings
·         Environmentally responsible, low-odor/low-VOC restoration, maintenance, and repair materials
·         High-tensile modified and built-up waterproofing systems
·         Architectural and structural standing seam metal roof and wall systems
    Garland's metal roof division is called IMETCO, and runs the same game·         Fluid-applied urethane and acrylic systems
·         Online roof asset management database services
·         Comprehensive engineering services, including wind uplift computations and shop drawings  Most major manufacturers offer these services at no charge.  Garland will cost you two arms, and two legs, before they finally eat the rest of you. You'll look like a carcass in the Mojave Desert when it's over.

·         Turnkey construction management services  "Turnkey" means full control, isolation of all competition, sign you up, and you're hooked for years . That breeze you just felt is your soul leaving the body.
Walk Your Roofs with Garland - FREE Preventive Maintenance Training
Are you getting the expected, warranted service life out of your roofs? Find out how to receive a FREE roof preventive maintenance training conducted on-site at your facility by a knowledgeable, locally based Garland representative.

This is a joke to anyone in the roofing discipline.  We ALL know that major manufacturers offer far better "No Dollar Limit" warranties up to 30 years.  If your roof leaks, they will repair or replace it for free, during the term of warranty.

I know this because I've performed warranty repairs many times. It's a simple procedure.  I fixed the roof, billed the manufacturer, got paid, and the owner was happy.  That's how it should be. 

Not only that, but the "Majors" make their own material instead of outsourcing it.  

Please don't take my word for it. Take the time to type 'School Roofing Scam" into your browser, or do the same on YouTube. After reading or watching, all that damning evidence, the picture should come into focus.

You will notice Tremco, and Garland dominate the scam business.

Garland even states on their own website that their material costs more, and that public administrators have a "right" to buy anything they want. 

Not even HUD says that.

Friends, do YOU believe a public official of any kind has the 'right" to buy anything they want, thereby excluding  all competition?

If you said "Yes', I will assume you're in San Francisco. 

ALL public projects are subject to independent, third party oversight.  Garland and Tremco want to skirt that oversight. They act as the manufacturer (which they are not) salesman, consultant, and in doing so removes privy to the owner in one step.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".

NOTE:  Retired 2003, do not solicit, nor accept compensation or personal advancement of any kind.


Robert R. Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
State Certified CCC 1325620
Tampa, Florida


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Purchasing Cooperative: "How to avoid competition in public works"..


Purchasing Cooperatives TEACH you how to avoid competition.  Teaching people how to cheat the government, and taxpayers is wrong on so many levels.  No problem, we'll teach you how to "get over", although ALL publicly funded projects are subject to oversight.  NO COMPETITION  ever occurred.   I dare them to show it to you, because it does not exist.

TCPN, the biggest ripoff in all of Texas.

Here's a seminar advertised by TCPN, and without shame.


Your Presenter and Response Team

Presenter: Tom VanHootegem
Response Team:
Pam Gonzalez, our TCPN Contract Holder
Scott Wynne, TCPN Program Manager

The TCPN Difference:

Single lead government agency for all TCPN contracts
Region 4 Education Service Center, Houston, TX

Highest level of consistency & compliance
ISO 9001 Certified solicitation process
Supports education nationwide
Curriculum development
Teacher certification
Braille production center
3rd party audits of vendor contracts

TCPN Member Benefits
Legal contract vehicle (competitive solicitation)
One contract for multiple commodities
Avoid bid process
Highest level of contract compliance
Meet buy local commitment
TriMega Dealer Benefits
One contract for all public sector accounts
Competitive advantage vs. competition
Avoid bid process
Competitive national pricing at local level

TCPN program manager support


I don't make this stuff up folks, and all I can say is NEVER BUY A ROOF FROM A PURCHASING COOPERATIVE, unless you want to spend 50% more money, for an average roof at best.  IT IS A SCAM, and you're paying for it.

A few good choices for school roofs are:  GAF, Firestone, Carlisle, Barrett, Sika Sarnafil, and Johns Manville.  They do not play the Purchasing Cooperative game, and instead, compete for your business.  Write P.O.'s to honorable companies, and not the offering of Purchasing Cooperatives.  Roofing does not fall under their purview, and it's impossible to argue that it does.

Every aspect of their scam can be broken down in seconds, and you don't have to be very smart to do it either. 

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".


Robert R. Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
Florida Certification

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Appreciation of readers, both domestic and abroad.


I want to thank viewers of this site from around the world.

It is very encouraging to know you are spending time with me here, and am very grateful.

United States








United Kingdom

South Korea

A special note of thanks to my friends in Ukraine, and all countries listed.  It's humbling to think people on the other side of this earth care one bit about what I have to say.  

This site has approximately 130,000 views, and would love to think someone received benefit from data posted on this site.  

To Search:  

In the search box, type : Garland, Tremco, Purchasing Cooperatives, Corruption, School Roofing Scam, etc.  You will find everything you need to know, and more. 

The goal is to remove roofing, and roofing services, from all Purchasing Cooperatives.  Nothing else is acceptable, and I won't quit.

NOTE: Retired 2003, do not solicit, nor accept, compensation or personal advancement of any kind.

Again, much appreciation to friends abroad, and please know how thankful I am for  your time.

Hoping (always) you are both happy, and well.



Gordian, and their "exclusion of competition" scam.

Friends: The following statements are both illiterate, and false.  They are designed ti isolate competition to ONE roofing vendor.  Factu...