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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Roofing Contractors/Consultants Accepting "Bribes"

Everything I say here is only for your consideration.  I write it, and you may evaluate the content as you see fit.  Fair?

I know the post title is rather provocative, but we'll break it down in smaller portions to understand the process.

First of all "Bribes" may be considered on any level.  From lunch at McDonald's to European Vacations, or African Safaris, and often this is the case.  I will offer the body of a recent post I made on Roof Consultant's Alliance:

Roofing Contractors accepting extravagant gifts from Material Manufacturers: A/K/A 'Indentured Servants".

Who is to blame for that? Manufacturer or Contractor?

Frankly, I think it is a practice that should be eliminated, much the same as handing out liquor at Christmas has. It's base, and ugly.

How many of you can be "Bought Off"? The fishing trips, the hunting trips, the golf trips, TV's, shotguns, etc. are not "Rewards", but bribes.

No one can tell me they don't expect you to pay for these things one way or another.

Trips to Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, etc. are not remotely uncommon, and we act like it's okay. Why isn't it Ron? After you've received their "Gift", they own you. That is until another manufacturer comes along and offers more free stuff.

I find it very unflattering, and a tool based upon greed alone. Yet, we see it like we "Won" something. No we didn't, we "Bought" something.

Here we are dealing with many billions of dollars in commerce, and sell ourselves to the highest bidder. I suggest you revisit your supplier, material manufacturer, and roofing contractor relationship.

Before we proceed, let me please state there are many fine, credible, and honest manufacturers, consultants and contractors.  This is not about them, but for the ones who are guilty of it as a "Lifestyle".

Consultants are being bought by manufacturers, and then they buy off the roofer. This is extraordinarily damaging to taxpayers who pay for the scam.

Nobody has to care about this, but once you lose your "Honor and Integrity", you might as well have a brand on your forehead.

This debauchery is insulting to all of us, and I'm sure the manufacturers will agree, once they think of their "Beggars". The "Beggars" are people who are always calling for a free lunch. They like to feel "Important", when in fact, they are nothing but "Pawns".

I'm sure many of you will try to justify it, just as I've tried to denounce it, but "Buying Business" always ends up on a dead end street.


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Manager, Roof Consultant's Alliance

Okay, you may think I'm being abstract for even questioning this long standing practice, but it has grown to epic proportion.  Why is it so bad now Ron?

Government Purchasing Agencies:

Help facilitate this behavior, and naturally, come the hogs to feed at the trough. 

Do they care about you?  Of course not.  Do they care about our educational facilities?  Of course not.  Do they have any self respect?  Of course not.

They understand one thing:  MONEY.

It's so bad that normally honest roofing contractors unwittingly allow themselves to be "Owned", and immediately lose all objectivity when providing the best products for the end user.

Far worse are the government agencies, and roof consultants, being bought off on a very regular basis.  Why should I care Ron?  You should care because these "Perks" cost money, and lots of it. 

They will try their best to eliminate any competition for taxpayer dollars (schools), so they can continue feeding the beast. It's thieves telling other thieves how to be thieves. 

The lure of money seems to strip many of their dignity, and I find that a crying shame. 

Whatever they do with a private owner is not my concern.  But when they bring it upon the taxpayers, I make it my business to bring a heightened awareness.

That "Heightened Awareness" portion means personal attention.

I catch a number of them, but I am only one person on a $0.00 budget.  I'm finding that I can overcome all thieves who steal from the government.  It's just a matter of how many hours a day I can devote to them.

My priority is streamlining the technique, and addressing them on a state or federal level.

The reason your taxpayer dollars are being stolen in huge chunks is because you remain silent, and they know you will remain silent. 

Apologies to all the honest people within the roofing discipline, as it's only the few (same ones every time) who bring shame.  Many times I've illustrated to you who they are, and who they are not.
Friends, I hope you and your families have been well since the last post.  Also hoping business is as you wish, and you are happy.

Please reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".




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