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Friday, November 6, 2020

National Roofing Partners CEO, Mr. Steve Little and Ron Solomon achieve "Peaceful Coexistence" .


Welcome, good people:

Today, I have a very special message  to share with you.  One of  joy and happiness.  A great advancement.

Mr. Steve Little, CEO of National Roofing Partners, representing a group of approximately 200 Contractors, writes

 This was a rather long, and difficult challenge, but we got it done.

Mr. Little was a top flight Professional throughout the negotiation, and that's  hard to do.  I can be overly insistent at times, and somewhat hard headed, but we got it done.

My theme from the very beginning was "Peaceful Coexistence", and Mr. Little's letter helped us achieve that goal.  Mr. Little is a "Tough Up",  He runs KPOST Roofing out of Dallas, and responsible for 400 employees.  You don't reach that responsibility level without possessing a model work ethic, time management skill,  and "Care' for his employees, and clients.

I must acknowledge his communication etiquette, a rarity in 2020.  This is a lesson for other administrators to follow.  Steve could have just shut me down, but it would have put me in a bad place.

A place I didn't want to be, and would have forced me to do things I didn't want to do.  Thankfully, we were both spared a gut wrenching, protracted, battle, but in the end, it worked out great.  Just like two rational, reasonable, and responsible, Men.

National Roofing Partners website:


I want to give KPOST roofing in Dallas credit for their fine work, and organization.  They are very important in the process, and am greatly appreciative. While I'm here, let's give KPOST a little "Pop" :

Contact KPOST, and mention my name:

KPOST: Website:


Ask for Steve Little, and he'll get you all set up.

                              Mr. Steve Little

You will notice the mention of Tremco, and Garland in his letter, and I am thankful NRP does not endorse them, and to me, that's huge for taxpayers.  One day, our schools will be free of  "Predatory Sales Models", and think Steve will be a valuable partner  in my fight against them.


Again, check them out:  


You'll be in good hands with Steve.

Reject negativity in all forms and always remember to keep looking "Up".

Much Respect.

Robert R. "Ron" Solomon

State Certified CCC 1325620

Public Procurement Analyst

Licensed Roofing Consultant

Giving the facts on energy efficiency and how to help.

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