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Monday, July 17, 2017

Purchasing Cooperatives and Public Roofing; The LIE that steals from our children.

I know that reading hideously boring verbiage gets old, so I will produce a series of YouTube videos that may be more appealing.  

Here's the scam:  A Purchasing Cooperative lies to the public by holding a fake "line item" bid.  The Purchasing Cooperative gets paid a "Commission", so all incentive to compete is eliminated.

Why would the Purchasing Cooperative care?  Because they get 2% sales commission, and in some cases, the local authority gets 5%.  This NEVER HAPPENS in the private market.

Tremco, Garland, and Simon do not make a single product that is "Better" than anything the "Majors" produce.  Factually, the manufacturers I just mentioned do not produce the material at all.  It is outsourced and private labeled (usually by Cooley, trailer park roofers of the century).  

So, all claims of "Superior Products" are false.  

Here are the videos I promised.  All available on YouTube under "School Roofing Scam".


Horrid people, doing horrible things.  It's all sleight of hand, and no "Competition" ever occurs.  They can steal grotesque amounts of money from our schools, and it's infuriating. 

Anyone who wishes to restore honor to the roofing discipline, stop those who steal, and vastly improve the range of school maintenance budgets, should pay close attention.

The next time your child is asked to bring common supplies to school, because their school has no money, tell them to get it from Tremco, Garland, or Simon.  

I'll furnish a few more videos soon, and I'm in one of them.

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