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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Garland, U.S. Communities, and YOU!

This is from public record, and readily available.  I will respectfully request anyone to offer comments correcting me (referenced) on anything you feel I am factually incorrect.  I will amend my comments ONLY if proven wrong through record.
When that happens, I will reveal the U.S. Communities "Bid" results used to facilitate this behavior in my next post.

NOTE: I am independent of influence. Retired (2003), do not work for anyone, do not solicit, nor accept compensation or personal advancement of any kind, from anyone for anything I do. My writings are intended for public consumption, and free to distribute as you wish.

This will also be a lesson (textbook) on how ONE roofing material manufacturer (Garland), and ONE "Purchasing Agency", spend YOUR tax dollars.

Every state in the Republic has public procurement laws in place to insure "Competitive Bidding".

Today's lesson will show you specifically how "Purchasing Agencies" eliminate all that, and how it's manufactured for their benefit.  I'm going to be very specific, and offer only data that is public record.

Before we begin, please let me thank the good men and women of Roof Consultant's Institute, the reference standard within our industry for their official position AGAINST such deception.


RCI, Inc. Position Statement on Procurement – Support Document

June 21, 2012RCI’s Position Statement applies to all publicly bid work, including federal, state (provincial/ territorial), municipal, and local government projects or otherwise taxpayer-funded projects in which RCI, Inc. members may participate. Projects not under the procurement requirements of government agencies or that do not utilize taxpayer funds should also employ similar fair and impartial procurement practices.

It is the position of RCI, Inc. that all public work and taxpayer-funded projects clearly adhere to all applicable procurement regulations, maintain the highest levels of transparency and value, and comply with the following principles.

In addition to the owner, projects should involve three distinct entities: the design professional, the manufacturer (or supplier), and the qualified contractor (contractor).

1. The design professional should be selected by the owner based on qualifications, experience and past performance. The design professional should prepare contract documents to be in compliance with all applicable code requirements (including but not limited to fire, wind, drainage, thermal resistance or performance, warranty and environmental requirements).

Contract documents should not be proprietary or exclusive to a manufacturer, a supplier or a qualified contractor. A product or system that may be able to be produced, supplied or installed by other competitors but is not, is considered a proprietary product/system. Procurement regulations have specific procedures that are required if proprietary materials or systems are to be considered.

Design professionals are discouraged from utilizing proprietary specifications. All projects should utilize a minimum of three manufacturers or utilize materials commonly available from three manufacturers. Systems should be selected to meet specific performance criteria or standards.

The design professional must adhere to all state (provincial/territorial) licensing requirements and carry the appropriate errors and omissions insurance.

2. The manufacturer and its suppliers should provide the materials and systems adhering to the contract documents. A manufacturer should not act as the design professional unless qualified to do so, and should state in writing and publicly its financial interest in the specifications/requirements provided.

Contractual obligations or agreements should not exist between owners and manufacturers. Proprietary and/or exclusionary specifications intended to limit competition among manufacturers, suppliers and/or qualified contractors are strongly discouraged. Manufacturers are encouraged to provide data.


I think it's pretty clear that "ELIMINATING COMPETITION" is a bad idea, and wildly inappropriate.  This lesson will show how a state (Georgia) enlists the "Purchasing Agency" to eliminate all that "Competitive Bid" stuff for us, and eliminate anything that may resemble "Value" for the taxpayer (YOU).  Keep in mind this is only ONE example of a condition that exists throughout N. America.

1.)  Enlist the "Purchasing Agency" to "buy in bulk", and to "save money".

2.)  Identify a "Preferred Vendor".  In this case "Garland".

3.)  Issue a bid notice eliminating competition by practicing "Exclusion".

The manufacturer has this sewn up, and there is absolutely no incentive for them to compete.  Of course they have several "Approved Applicators" who know how the game is played.

 Here is a pretty standard example:

is the intent of the Dekalb County Schools ("Agency") to purchase materials for the Dekalb Middle
School ("Project") located on 1132 West Broad Street directly from Garland
/DBS, Inc., based upon the Agency's participation in the U.S. Communities ™ Government Purchasing Alliance's program for
Roofing Supplies and Related Products and Services,
as priced by and awarded to Garland/DBS, Inc.,
resulting from the competitively solicited Sealed Bid
# 09-5408 issued by the Cobb County Board of
As a
bidder on the Project, you are required to fill in your order quantities for the following materials as
listed below:
Product# Product N arne Unit
Size Coverage Rate Quantity
4363-60 Versiply
60 1 square (34'8"x 3'-3"
4121 HPR Tri-Base Premium
2 square (72'x3')
Versiply Mineral .75 square (26'-2." X 3'-3")
Silver-Flash 5 Gallon (1 Gal/ 7 1ft)

How can a public project be so blatantly abusive to the taxpayers?  "Competitively Solicited?  We are illustrating Garland in this case, but other manufacturer's like Tremco, are widely known throughout the industry, and all you have to do is check out "School Roofing Scams" on YouTube.

 There will be no shortage of investigative reports by news outlets.  NOTHING I say matters, and it's entirely up to you to compare and confirm (or deny)to your own satisfaction.  If you believe your tax dollars should be spent without competition, that's fine by me.  It would be very difficult to support that line of reason however.

Forgive me for shifting gears, but I get tired of such negative scenarios it is my promise to tell you the truth.  Unfortunately, the truth can be very ugly at times.

Let's close with something upbeat and positive though.

Involved with the "Sustainable Florida", and "Sustainable Schools" initiatives, and serving 8 judgeships, I meet some very nice peiople along the way.

This is a photo of world famous wildlife photographer, Mr. Clyde Butcher and I.  Check out his work, and his Everglades photography is magnificent because he shoots virtually everything in large format.


Do not adjust your settings, as my head must be viewed in 16:9 ratio to fit your screen.  What a joy it was to meet, and speak with this genius, and amazing photographer.

I don't want to be secretive with you, but I really do prefer uplifting, positive, and fun things over conflict and strife.

Please confirm my words, and you are the judge.

I am honored with each and every visit you make to this space, and only hope I am serving a need for you.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Manager, Roof Consultant's Alliance (2,100 members)

NOTE: I am independent of influence. Retired (2003), do not work for anyone, do not solicit, nor accept compensation or personal advancement of any kind, from anyone for anything I do. My writings are intended for public consumption, and free to distribute as you wish.

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