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Friday, November 22, 2013

Garland Roofing Materials: "Sell by FEAR"

I will take a brief respite from TCPN and their unusually rabid support of Tremco in public works.  They know what they're doing is wrong, and so do I.  The Pechacek name permeates TCPN, and will stun you with how it's all "connected".

So, it's time for more TCPN/Tremco research, and will share the results at a later date. 

In the interim, Garland Co. can "tag out" with them :

Garland Roofing Materials:  "Sell by FEAR"

NOTE:  Retired 2003, do not solicit nor accept compensation, or personal advancement of any kind.

The following information was graciously provided by:


If you want to see the damage being done to our schools through "predatory sales models", Ms. Campbell's site is the reference standard.  Once again, I will acknowledge her very long difficult journey to bring truth into light.

There is a HUGE difference between the Private Market versus Public Market.  Procurement laws are in place to PROTECT taxpayers in the Public Market.  The government doesn't own anything. The taxpayers (we the people) own buildings and their contents.  Therefore, great consideration must be given to competition for our taxpayer dollars.  Subject to all local, state, and federal LAW.

All participants in any transaction appear in public record.  They are therefore susceptible to inquiry.

A Private owner is free of such oversight.  They earned that money and right to spend it without oversight.  

Again, thank you to Ms. Campbell.

Garland's view:  (click to enlarge)


That's about as "Point Blank" as it gets folks.  "Sell by Fear" damn the taxpayers.

Please note that in 2011, Garland's top salesman (New Jersey) "Sold" $5,400,000.00, and received 25% commission on that number.

If that doesn't grab you, nothing will. 

I know, let's see how a Garland Representative describes his job:

This is directly from an application I received (05-10-2013)
“The Garland Company"

"As a consultant for The Garland Company, I developed relationships with high-end, governmental, educational, and municipal clients to assist them in managing their roof assets.

The Garland Company is a premium roofing manufacturer that values the relationship-based sales approach.

After a three week immersive training program, I was charged with completing inspections and forensic roof evaluations for companies and clients like: Lockheed Martin, The Dallas County Community College District, The City of Dallas, The City of Mesquite, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Dell, Air Liquide and others of similar merit.

As part of my duties I worked closely with architects, designers, and specifiers to ensure that The Garland Company’s line of products was the only roofing manufacturer named in the specification or offered to the client.

Upon completing the design phase, I would solicit bids from qualified, local roofing contractors to perform the work under my consult and supervision.

Design Build Solutions - The Garland Company

Design Build Solutions is The Garland Company's design and construction arm. Prior to 2006, it was a vastly underused entity created to control specifications through the bid process. However, once awarded The US Communities Buying Co-Operative Contract in 2006, I saw a massive opportunity to do much more than control specifications.

I began marketing and actively soliciting projects to be designed and built by DBS all over Texas.

Working mostly on military contracts, I marketed our design capabilities to The Office of The Surgeon General, The Army Core of Engineers, and The Office of Veterans' Affairs.

Most of our projects were small, multi-family base housing and medical center upgrades. As DBS was not "completely" set up to handle large, multi-disciplinary bids, I solicited bids, evaluated sub-contractors, and engaged in buy-out and VE process with subs and owners.

Soon, it became necessary to create budgetary checks and balances. I implemented a customized version of a project management software created for me by Podio and created and managed construction budgets using Quickbooks Contractor Suite.

A change in Garland's Scope of WOrk under The US Communities Contract lead them to steer me away from Design-Build projects. As I had created valuable relationships in the industry, I chose to start XXXXXXXX  with a group of like-minded construction professionals to continue pursuing larger contracts and to branch further into the private sector”.

THAT is what Garland thinks of you as taxpayers.  SELL AT ALL COST.

I wonder how much "benefit" the taxpayers, and school districts of New Jersey received to justify paying one man well over $1,000,000.00 in one year?  Keep in mind that Garland also marked up materials, therefore making their profits on top of the $5,400,000.00.

In the roofing discipline, it is rare to mention Garland, where Tremco isn't immediately followed.  The sales models funnel money to purchasing cooperatives and in return they are claimed "competitive".  THEY AREN'T.

My concern is for school districts and administrators, who are being unnecessarily exposed to suit by following promises of a "salesman".  

Please avoid "Exclusionary" or "Preferred Vendor" situations. They are clearly against the law, which may unknowingly include YOU when the topic arises.

"Pre-Compete" is a LIE.  You may "Pre-Compete" on Post-It notes, but not complex construction projects with many variables like "hidden damages".  NO roofer on earth will disagree with that comment.

If one were to include (in my humble opinion) an HONORABLE manufacturer such as GAF, Carlisle Syntec, Johns Manville, or Firestone, you will be assured of a true "Competitive" number.  I stake my reputation on that.

Garland and Tremco despise competition.  If you throw in one of the manufacturers listed above, they will immediately move on to another unsuspecting "target".  I guarantee that GAF, Carlisle Syntec, Johns Manville and Firestone will beat the pants off Garland or Tremco every single time on a competitively bid project. 

Why should the Public (especially schools) suffer as purchasing cooperatives manipulate, interpret, and rearrange local, state, and federal procurement law?

My best suggestion is to write purchase orders to manufacturers who fight hard, but fight FAIR.  For goodness' sake, at least include them on a bid list.  Garland will not compete.  They can't, and even say so on their own website.  Garland says Administrators 'have a right to choose", and that's absurd.

Administrators may not give even the slightest hint of favoritism.

Respect to:

Garland, nor Tremco can compete, nor will compete against mainstream manufacturers and that's a fact.  Don't believe me?  Tell your Garland (or Tremco) Rep you'd like to get a quote from them as well as one of the above.  Sheer panic will set in, and if they can't change your mind, they will walk away from the project.

Remember: they are battling the idea of losing a 25% commission, and to them are in the middle of a nightmare.

Our schools are suffering at the hands of purchasing cooperatives with false claims.

Thank you for spending valuable time with me here . I am humbled that you care.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".

NOTE:  Retired 2003, do not solicit nor accept compensation, or personal advancement of any kind.


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Public Procurement Analyst
Director, Roof Consultant's Alliance
(5,000 Members Worldwide)
CCC 1325620 (Florida)



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