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Sunday, March 23, 2014

"THE Roofing Book to Own" By: Mr. Chuck Osterman


As you are well aware by now, I do not buy, nor sell things.

When I come upon something exceptional however, I must bring it to your attention.

Mr. Osterman is a well respected roofing professional, with vast experience in all things roofing.  This book sits on my desk, and will highly recommend it to anyone who may be in the roofing discipline.

The book is very substantial, and covers virtually all aspects (including some things you cannot imagine), and is different from the $1,500.00 I spent on roofing books.  The books required for the Florida State Certification (that's the CCC 1325620 number following my name), are (to me, dated, and rather cold).

Mr. Osterman brings you a great deal of knowledge gained over 62 years in the discipline, and speaks with authority.  You will be well served to include this book in your library.



Ordering information for this book:

You can read all the manuals, manufacturer's specifications, and anything else you like.  You will not find the "Real Life" aspect, and the applicability standard Mr. Osterman provides.
Worth every penny in my view, and cannot offer a higher endorsement of both the man, and the book.
As always, I am deeply grateful you care enough to visit with me here.  I know your time is precious, and try my best to make this site relevant for you.
Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".
Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Director, Roof Consultant's Alliance
CCC 1325620
Public Procurement Analyst

Sunday, March 9, 2014

"The Future of Ohio State Term Schedules is Questionable"


This is a MAJOR ADVANCEMENT for fair roofing competition everywhere.  The post previous to this one shows the arrogance of school administrators, and purchasing cooperatives.  They are PLAYING with money intended for our children's schools, and safe learning environment. 

When a purchasing cooperative/proprietary manufacturer are involved, your tax dollar is immediately cut to 71 cents BEFORE we even get started.  I, and others like me, are fighting for fair competition in lieu of "Favoritism", and "Exclusion" of competition.

WE want the money to reach it's intended purpose, not buy fancy boats and cars for "Salesmen".

I'll make this short, and very direct:

Duro-Last announcement on OHIO:

"February 21, 2014

Re: Ohio State Term Schedules

Dear Ohio State Term Schedule Customer:

Duro-Last Roofing has been informed that the future of Ohio State Term Schedules is questionable. The state may be phasing out state term schedules. At this time, the state has not indicated what the alternative means of procurement will be.

Duro-Last Roofing’s Ohio State Term Schedule #800085 has been renewed through
June 30, 2014. We can accept purchase orders through this date for state term schedule projects.

I apologize that currently there is no definite information available. Duro-Last will continue to communicate any new developments with our authorized contractors.

If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me at (800) 248-0280 ext. 2223 or csauer@duro-last.com. You may also contact Duro-Last’s Independent Sales Representatives Mike Gottron at (614) 402-2255 or Bryan Gottron at (937) 604-0377.

Best Regards,

Chenelle D. Sauer

Government Sales Administrator
Duro-Last Roofing"

Let's take a look how your government, and certain vendors scam everyone.


Notice, emblazoned across the page is:

Projects Awarded on “Best Value” Rather than Lowest Price

This contract is based off of the General Services Administration (GSA) contracts, allowing state and local agencies to purchase goods and services with the assurance that the competitive bid process has been completed.

Projects are awarded on the basis of “best value,” which is based on system life, warranty, maintenance availability, past performance, and environmental/energy efficiency.
For additional information regarding Garland’s Ohio State Term Schedule, please contact Kathryn Kerber at 800-321-9336 ext. 3518.

Who within that administration possesses a roofing credential of any type?  Who determines "Best Value"?  What "Measurable Unit" may the taxpayer depend upon?

This is nothing more than the circumvention of public bidding laws.

The answers to those questions in order , are: Nobody, and Garland themselves.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE may they legitimately compete with mainstream manufacturers (read: honorable) like Carlisle Syntec, GAF, or Firestone.
If you FAIRLY bid a public roof system, Garland would NEVER be competitive.  How can they when paying 25% "Salesman" commissions, when other manufacturers representatives are salaried?
In 2011, Garland['s top "Salesman" (New Jersey), made $5.4 million dollars.  Ask yourself if you (as a taxpayer) received the slightest benefit from that?
I'd bet "NO". 

Someone in Ohio is standing up for taxpayers, and as soon as I find out who it is, will publicly thank them here.

Roofing, and Roofing Services do not fall within the purview of  "Purchasing Cooperatives".  I think I've illustrated that point many times now, and apparently lawmakers are beginning to agree.

I am happy to share this wonderful news with you, and we'll see if the other domino's fall behind them.  My prediction is "Yes, they will".

Thank you OHIO for looking into these scams.

Your wellfare is my only concern.  I am thankful you care about what I have to say, and spend valuable time with me here.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP".


Robert R. "Ron" Solomon
Director, Roof Consultant's Alliance
CCC 1325620 (Florida)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tremco Sticks It to Pennsylvania Schoold district for $2.2 Million"


I have no idea how many times I must repeat this, but public administrators do not have the authority to "Exclude" all competition, in favor of a preferred vendor.

They MAY NOT "EXCLUDE" fair competition.  They will make every attempt to circumvent the law through a "Purchasing Cooperative", the singularly most destructive ploy to literally steal from our schools.

It is against the law in all 50 states, and all territories/provinces of Canada.  I can prove that if someone wants to give it a try.

Tremco, and Garland depend upon a "No Compete" predatory sales model through "Purchasing Cooperatives".   The Cooperative gets paid a commission (4%), and the Tremco or Garland "Salesman" gets 25%.  IMMEDIATELY reducing your tax dollar to .71 and diverting the 29% straight to a salesman.

Your "Dollar" just turned into two quarters, two dimes, and a penny.

I am of the "opinion" (a word I rarely use) Purchasing Cooperatives present a "Socialistic" theme of exclusion.  You are under the impression they "save" you money, while the opposite is true.  That is not an opinion, and I can prove it.


Manufacturers like GAF, Firestone, and Carlisle Syntec ARE honest manufacturers that offer products equal to, or superior to Tremco.  NEVER will you see them stealing from schools, and they fight fair.

They COMPETE through open, transparent, bidding practices as we all should.  Our schools do not receive serviceability and value through Purchasing Cooperatives, they receive it through competitive bidding.

The following story is one of the most heinous examples of school waste I have ever seen.


Lower Dauphin school roofs to be replaced, restored.

Monica Von Dobeneck | Special to PennLiveBy Monica Von Dobeneck | Special to PennLive 
on February 17, 2014 at 10:13 PM, updated February 18, 2014 at 4:00 PM

"The Lower Dauphin School Board has agreed to pay more than $2.2 million to replace the middle school roof and restore the high school roof.

Randy Kline, representative of roofing supplier Tremco's Inc.'s Weatherproofing Technologies division, gave a presentation at the beginning of Monday's school board meeting.

He said the middle school roof is 20 years old and beyond the ability to restore. He said it has been leaking for several years. It is “hemorrhaging,” he said.

The high school roof, at 18 years old, is in somewhat better shape and can be restored at about one third the cost of replacing it, he said.

“If you let it go another two to three years, it will need to be replaced,” he said.
The middle school roof comes with a 20 year maintenance agreement at an up front cost of $73,840 and the high school roof with a 12 year maintenance agreement at a cost of $82,714.

That is obscene.  You can use an honorable manufacturer offering 20 year "No Dollar Limit" warranties, backed by billions in assets, for virtually NOTHING!.  The "Maintenance" package is the BIGGEST RIPOFF you can imagine. 

School officials will also look at adding a maintenance agreement for a portion of the high school roof, including the auditorium, that was replaced in 2008.

Cost for the middle school roof will be $1,143,756. The high school work will be $928,023.
Kline said the roof work was bid through the Keystone Purchasing Network, a cooperative of school districts.

It was not "Bid" to anyone.  Keystone used a "line item" form, similar to the one Tremco was fined $65,000,000.00 by the DOJ for abusing GSA.  Keystone used the ONE manufacturer, GUARANTEEING Tremco the job.  Period.


Funds were set aside for the work in last year's capital budget.

Contractors will be Hauck Services for the high school restoration and David Maines & Associates for the middle school.

Work will start the day after students leave for summer vacation and should be essentially done by the time they return in the fall, Kline said".

What a complete and total abuse of taxpayer funds.  The administrators who did this should be fired immediately.

Here they are:  http://www.ldsd.org/Page/1

Write to her at:  ssmith@ldsd.org.

Dr. Sherri L. Smith, Superintendent
Welcome to Lower Dauphin School District's Web site. It is the mission of Lower Dauphin School District to provide a thorough and efficient public school education for all school age residents of the district. The District is committed to excellence, high expectations, and fiscal responsibility. We believe that the School District must be accountable to its students as well as its public. As part of our quest for excellence, we believe that:
  • All students can learn and succeed.
  • A highly qualified and dedicated professional and support staff is a vital factor in the educational process.
  • The home shares a significant responsibility for the education of each student. Family involvement in the schools is encouraged through cooperative planning and a cooperative approach to implementation of school programs.
  • We must be committed to providing an environment which encourages the desire for learning, fosters creativity, promotes respect for self and others, and demonstrates a spirit of cooperation and a concern for safety.
  • Quality resources and facilities promote the success of the educational process.
  • The School District must be a partner with the community and recognize the community's contributions to a strong educational program.
Through the promotion of these beliefs, the Lower Dauphin School District will meet the challenging needs of a global society and prepare its students to succeed in the 21st Century.
Sherri L. Smith, superintendent
Sherri L. Smith, Ed.D.
Last Modified on June 14, 2012

Write to her at:  ssmith@ldsd.org.

Write to her at:  ssmith@ldsd.org.

Write to her at:  ssmith@ldsd.org.

Check out: School Roofing Scams on your Browser, or on YouTube.  There will be no shortage of Tremco investigations there.

This school district should have done their homework.  the Superintendent certainly didn't.

Thank you for spending time with me here, and I am humbled to bring you the information through research.

Reject negativity in all forms, and always remember to keep looking "UP"


Robert R. Solomon

Director, Roof Consultant's Alliance
Public Procurement Analyst
CCC 1325620

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